Hello, Here you will know more about BreakTheRace and why this has been started and what you are going to get with BTR. I am sure once you read through this you will like the blog on your social media and share this on your social pages. I have been practicing SEO since 2004, the fact is that I did not had enough time to make my own blog and share my knowledge till date.

I have been busy enough to work mostly on my client website and get them the top ranking and thus help their website to get them more and more business. Internet world has given more than I expected for me, I thought now this is time to give my best of what I can to the world of internet.

With this intention to share everything I know all about SEO, Traffic, Blogging, WordPress, Affiliate Marketing and all about best tools for internet marketing and blogging, the BreakTheRace came into existence.

I have started this blog as of August 2014, this is totally new and I am going to share everything I know as and when I get chance to write. This would be more like informative hub all about website, blog, make money, SEO and all about the world of internet.

Also, I am going share the progress of this blog as the case study itself when I write about blogging, make money and SEO. So keep your fingers crossed and come back again to get more and more information and learn, know and understand everything about the world of internet marketing and blogging.

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