Blogging for Beginners – A 7 Step Process to Begin your Blogging Journey

Thinking of starting a blog? but not sure what the real picture of blog is?

With so many information and website all explaining about blog and blogging it is obvious that we get confused often some times we say overloaded with information which makes it more confusing rather knowing the things better.

I have been in internet field since 2006 since then I have been looking around and I could see every blog which details about blogging has many different opinions at the same time are completely overloaded with many information which makes it difficult to learn and implement the same.

However here at BreakTheRace I have made it very simple to understand and easy to follow step by step instruction about blogging and about how to starting a blog.

I would definitely not bore you saying about my journey as a blogger, I have never blogged but I have been associated with internet marketing services offering search engine optimization services, during this journey I have just seen many blogs explaining about blogging but at the same time I was very surprised to see many different blogs giving lot of overloaded information which instead of making visitors learn it would rather confuse.

So to help every internet user and those who are keen to start their own blog I have laid out a very simple and easy to follow step by step instructions which will help you get started with your journey of blogging.

What exactly is blog and blogging?

A blog is a truncation of the expression weblog, which means a discussion or informational articles published on web portal or world wide web.

So basically blog means a collection of interesting informative article about certain topic.

Blogging is nothing but just to publish informative articles on a particular topic on regular intervals. Blogger is a person or writer or one who publishes informative articles on web portal or on internet world.

The best example would be a column article in news paper, if you read news paper you can see a column article published apart from news.

These articles are just an informative about certain topic it may be related to travel place, entertainment, history, historian, politics, cinema, state, diplomat or anything.

So these are informative article published on daily news paper, while the same kind of informative article digitalized and published on computer internet world is termed as blog.

There are literally 1000s of such blogs existing and it has become such a media where a new blog being created every second of every minute of every hour of every day.

So in very straight forward way a website with full of informative articles are termed as blog, writing on these blog site is blogging and one who writes and publishes such blog is blogger.

How to start a blog – here is very simple and easy way

Think of Niche

A niche is a small segment or area in particular within a particular segment. Say for example “Tummy Diet Program” is niche under “Weight Loss” segment, so like you can choose the niche.

So you need to select such a niche which is not only profitable but easy to write and interesting to discuss. I over-rule many bloggers saying niche should be based on passion.

No doubt this plays its role but it is not always true, if you can write good articles then you can go with any niche.

However, select niche which makes it easy to write about and interesting enough so that you can make people who visits your website to spend time and engage.

Say for blogs about weight loss, health and fitness will surely be a best to go with as we can write good information about this and many people discuss about these topics.

Domain Registration

So once you are done with niche selection then next step will be to think on the name for our website, typically a domain is nothing but a name of website. You can go with either FREE domain or register for your own.

But your own domain is always good as you will have good control over your website, the best way to select the name is based on your niche. Just think of niche and select the name, however too lengthy name will have negative impact so try to have domain name which is short but very easy to remember and easy to make it as brand.

You can use some of the FREE tool like BustaName, NameBoy or DomainHole to generate some good brand domains and select the one which is best you feel.

Once you select your domain name, you can register the name from any of the domain registrar company.

There are many domain registration company like Godaddy, or NameCheap or even BigRock, there are still many such domain registrar, you can search for and use any one you feel best with.

Hosting website

Once you are done with the domain selection and registration it is now time for hosting. Hosting typically is a process wherein  you purchase space for your website on internet world. There are again many company offers this services and charge on annual basis. Most of the domain registrar company offers hosting but there are still others who are dedicated only for hosting. You can choose any one of the hosting you feel comfortable with, I have personally used 2 hosting companies as part of my work one is HostGator and other is BlueHost.

So the step 1 to 3 is typically just set up of name, niche and hosting. The next part would be most important where we actually begin our steps to set up a blog and start the blogging part. Let us move on…

Blog Development with platform

Once you are done with hosting it is time to decide on blog plat form, a blog platform is nothing but a way to set up your blog or simply a medium through which you launch  your blog.

There are literally many such blog platforms but I would list very few which are quite popular and my favourite, again based on your best choice you can select the one you are best with, the main platform I use is 1) WordPress, 2) Blogger, 3) Weebly.

Recent study has shown that more than 70% bloggers use WordPress as their blog platform which is the best one and easy to use and start. Below I have listed a short video which demonstrates how to install WordPress:

Keyword Researching and selection

Once we are done with our name stuff it is time to set up and plan our blog content. Content is not doubt king queen and everything, yes if your blog content is full of information and interesting then it would drive more visitors and there by helps you build a reputable brand and blog.

To begin content writing we need understand how to write. When we set up blog it is not that you just write for the sake of writing, you need to write on topic which can drive you more targeting traffic and engage your visitors.

So keyword research and selection plays its role here, typically a keyword is the term which visitor or internet user uses to search for information, how to select those keywords.

Simple using different tools we can see which keywords do visitor search for and then select the one which is searched the most during one month.

I am not going to detail you about how to do keyword research as it is completely different topic and needs detailed guide to do the same, however I will give you some references to some of the tool and resources to learn about the keyword research.

The best tool I have used is Google Keyword Planner and Market Samurai combined, however I do have one best guide you can look into is Brian Dean’s The Definitive Guide to Keyword Research  is one of the best FREE guide you can look and learn some good stuff about keyword research.

Content creation and planning

So you have done with keyword research and selection, once you are done and select the most profitable keywords it is time to develop content. As I told content is everything, if you good appealing and interesting and full of informative content then you will able to keep your visitors engaged.

So how to develop content? Simple, just use your keyword select and search it through and visit some of the top ranking website and see how they have written and what they have written.

Use their points and make your plan and start writing on your own. I know you will be bored to write but believe it or not once you start writing you will be amazed to see you will find interest to keep writing.

Again as the topic is about blog creation and starting your journey as blogger, I am not going to write in detail about how to write content but as said I will give you full of information how best you could do this and start to write your good content on your own.

I will give you simple tips using which you can definitely start to write some good stuff. You can check Neil Patel’s Chapter 12 Content Writing Strategies which is one of the best and detailed.

Publishing content

Once you are done with content you can simply publish the content on your blog and just keep moving to generate traffic for the blog.

Publishing content is just copy your content and upload on your wordpress blog and publish.

However, before you do actually publish it is always a good idea to link your blog content to some of the authority sites, informative articles and other resources, this would help visitors interesting and they would in turn keep browsing through your content which would help you to build some good authority.


This is how a easy 7 step way to beginning your blogging journey, it is very simple and easy to start. This guide just gives you a simple steps to start your blog and then publish your first post.

While this helps you start blog but you need to get a good traffic for your blog to make it a success, I will discuss all about traffic in my next post. Just keep watching my next post all about traffic.